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  • What experience do you need for a trip to Spain?
    We usually have three different groups where you choose the level according to experience and knowledge. We will not drive any advanced driving. You should be able to start on a hill and feel comfortable in your motorcycle riding ..
  • How long do you drive per day?
    We leave around 9 in the morning and are back at the hotel again at 17-18
  • What motorcycle equipment do I need to bring with me?
    You need to bring your usual motorcycle equipment: helmet, gloves, jacket, trousers and boots. The heat can vary a lot during the day, so an undergarment and an extra sweater are recommended. There is a top box on each motorcycle so it is no problem to store extra clothes. If you have difficulty getting the bag to handle the weight, put on your motorcycle jacket and pack your regular jacket in the suitcase - then you save a few kilos. It is advisable to unpack the helmet in the middle of the bag to cope with any shocks during loading, or take the helmet as hand luggage.
  • What do I need to bring with me more?
    In addition to your motorcycle clothing, you need regular clothing. We will eat at restaurants so it fits well with casual attire. The only requirement is that the restaurant in the hotel requires long pants at dinner. Do not forget to pack a passport and a valid driver's license and a happy mood.
  • How is the weather in Spain in winter?
    October, November, March and April are like Swedish summer, but as most routes run at high altitudes, it can be cool in the morning, so an undergarment, extra sweater and a pair of extra slightly warmer gloves are recommended. All motorcycles are equipped with a top box so it is no problem to store extra clothes.
  • How do you do with money?
    Most things are included in the travel plan, but a little pocket money is always needed. It is good to have cash (euros), in Spain cards do not work in all places. There is an ATM at Malaga Airport.
  • What insurance should I have?
    You must always bring your European Health Insurance Card (EU card) when you travel abroad. It is concrete proof that you are insured in an EU country. This can usually be downloaded from your insurance company's website, where you have your home insurance.
  • How are the motorcycles insured?
    The motorcycles we use are brand new and Swedish registered and are owned by Carlbarks Motor AB. They are fully insured and the deductible for damage is SEK 10,000. It works in the same way as if you test drive one of Carlbark's demo motorcycles in the store in Kumla.
  • Event conditions
    More info here
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