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Welcome to product training in Spain


Soon, it's finally time for a wonderful motorcycle ride in southern Spain!

Things to think about before the trip/ packing list:


Valid passport and driver's license


European Health Insurance Card in Sweden can easily be ordered on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's website. The card is needed if you do not want to pay the bill for hospital care in advance, yourself.


Motorcycle clothing: Appropriate clothing for motorcycling, helmet, gloves and boots and back-protectors for your safety.

Bring warm underwear/extra shirt, we will drive at an altitude of up to 1200 meters and in the morning it can be chilly.

There is a top box on some of the motorcycles where it is possible to store extra clothes.


We will eat at restaurants that allows casual clothing. The only requirement is that you need to
have trousers (not shorts) when having dinner at the hotel restaurant.

* A good mood


Arrival at Malaga for group A takes place on the 27/10-2021, and departure on the 30/10-2021. Therefore, it is important that you make sure your tickets matches the specified dates.

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