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Welcome to product training in Spain!

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Soon, it's finally time for a wonderful motorcycle ride in southern Spain!

Things to think about before the trip/ packing list:

  • Valid passport and driver's license

  • Motorcycle clothing: Appropriate clothing for motorcycling, helmet, gloves and boots and back-protectors for your safety.

  • Bring a set of warm underlay/extra shirt. We will drive at an altitude of up to 1200 meters and in the morning it can be chilly.

  • We will eat at restaurants that allows casual clothing. The only requirement is that you need tohave trousers (not shorts) when having dinner at the hotel restaurant.

  • A good mood


Arrival at Malaga takes place on the xx/xx, and departure on the xx/xx. Therefore, it is important that you make sure your tickets matches the specified dates.

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