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Event conditions

How do I book an event?
You can easily book online via, in our shop, by mail or by phone.

Deposit and final payment
After your registration is received, we will send confirmation and an invoice for SEK 2,000 per person, as a registration fee. This must be paid within 7 days of receipt of your receipt of confirmation. The final balance should generally be paid 60 days before departure. If booking within 60 days of departure, the entire sum must be paid no later than 7 days after booking confirmation.

Flights to the destination are not included in the price but are booked and paid for by the participant. It is also the participant's responsibility to notify Carlbarks when they are expected to arrive at the airport. Transfers to/from the airport are included in the event price.

All persons participating in the event must have a valid passport. A passport that expires during the stay is invalid.

Driving license
To be able to participate in our events as a rider, you must have a valid Nordic motorcycle driver's license (A). Please note that we can currently only offer our events to Nordic citizens due to our motorcycle insurance policy.

Cancellation of events
In the event that you can not participate, then any cancellations must be made immediately.

What does it cost if I have to cancel my flight or event?
If cancelling more than 60 days before departure, the participant must pay the registration fee as part of the cancellation fee.

Cancellation: 60-30 days before departure. Cost: 50% of the event price.
Cancellation: Less than 30 days before departure. Cost: 100%, ie no refund.

What if the event is cancelled?
If Carlbarks Motor chooses to cancel an event, 100% of the cost will be refunded. This is announced at least 30 days before departure. Carlbarks Motor cannot be held responsible for any other costs, such as air tickets, in connection with a cancelled event.

Other information about changes to a booked event
Any changes that involve a different departure location, departure day, duration of the event or anything else around the event is considered as a cancellation and a new order.

Price change
Carlbarks Motor is permitted to increase the event price if cost increases have occurred due to changes in transportation costs, changes in taxes, duties or fees, or changes in exchange rates. The price increase is usually announced before the final payment is due, but in exceptional cases, it can also be charged later, but at least 20 days before departure. The maximum price increase is 10%.

MC insurance
Our motorcycles are fully insured, and the excess is SEK 10,000.

Travel insurance
The event participant is required to have adequate sickness and accident insurance, which also covers any eventual costs for transport home. Proof of this must be shown on request.

We recommend that all our participants review what protection they have through their home insurance. Usually, there is a cancellation cover that covers the entire amount or a certain amount. If this insurance does not cover the whole amount, there is sometimes an opportunity to upgrade to this with your insurance company.

Carlbarks Motor cannot be held responsible for any timetable changes. Therefore, take the habit of always checking with the airline in question and reaffirming your reservation. Carlbarks Motor is not responsible for any missed flights due to changed schedules or delayed flights.

If your luggage gets damaged or gets lost during the flight, you must report this immediately upon arrival at the airport. That this has happened is a prerequisite for any claim for compensation to be processed. Each airline has its own payout rules to cover any emergency purchases of necessary items.

Program Changes
Carlbarks Motor reserves the right to make changes to any information in the brochure/website before entering into an agreement with the participant. Carlbarks Motor also reserves the right to make changes to the contract terms that apply to the event.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of information provided on websites other than that of Carlbarks Motors. This also applies to external links to other pages.

Complaints disputes
Claims for price reductions or damages must be made to Carlbarks Motor as soon as possible and no later than one month after returning home.
Carlbarks Motor reserves itself for any printing errors as well as price and program changes.


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